Big sister, little brother ~ Kailua studio newborn

Sibling newborn portraits in Kailua

Miss K was proud to introduce me to her one week old baby brother. During her session nearly two and a half years ago, I photographed one of the best and biggest newborn smiles I’d ever seen! Lucky for me, little Mr. K was just as smiley (and remarkably mellow), and they both did wonderfully.

Newborn portrait details

Baby K was the first client in the new Kailua studio, located upstairs from Frost (formerly Yogurt Mama) and across the street from Zippy’s. We actually did two sessions- a full newborn and then a mini, as the studio bed wasn’t quite ready the first time. And I’m so glad we did, as the lifestyle feel of everyone cuddled up is something special. I can’t wait to capture more moments like this with new and growing families.

Family in bed with newborn

Of course, we also used a few props and the sweetness of a new baby wrapped in a soft knit contrasts beautifully with the weathered floor. And those bitty details- it’s hard to remember my own kids’ hands this tiny.

Newborn with props on weathered wood floor

I’m so glad I was able to capture these first weeks of love and joy for this family of 4, and I know these siblings will grow to be fast friends all too quickly.

Mom and dad holding newborn baby