From tiny beginnings – Kailua preemie portraits

Almost every newborn photographer will tell you that newborns are easiest and best to photograph around 5-12 days old. Some will even refuse to take babies older than 12 days, though most will make an exception for preemies. While I agree that the 5-12 day window is generally the best time to get a wide variety of sleeping poses, I’ve had success photographing full term babies up to 5 weeks old and preemies/micropreemies up to 12-15 weeks (generally within a month of their original due dates).

My firstborn was a preemie, also born two months early, and I understand the stress and worry that families of preemies face in those first days. Portraits are often the last thing on your mind as you’re camped out in the NICU.

Miss E was nearly 3.5 months old at the time of her session, or just over a month old adjusted. And she was an absolute dream and a joy to meet and photograph. Her parents adore her and I’m pretty sure she already has her daddy wrapped around her tiny finger.

premature_baby_portraits_KailuaThere are a few especially wonderful things about photographing older newborns- one being their chub. Those gorgeous full rounded cheeks are perfectly kissable.preemie_newborn_portraits_Hawaii

Growing quickly, but still small enough to fit on the doll bed!baby_girl_newborn_flowers

The eye contact and smiles of older newborns are amazing too. I loved all her expressions.


E, I hope you grow strong and keep your fighting spirit. You are brave and beautiful, and never forget it.