Victor {Kailua newborn photography}

In September I announced a special offer for a newborn collection to any baby born on September 11 to a military service member or emergency response personnel. My second son was due September 24th, and since my firstborn was so early I assumed we’d be fortunate to make it to September 1. Fast forward to Labor Day (September 3 that year) and I was concerned he would be born on September 11. I didn’t ever want him to feel guilty about celebrating his birthday on a very somber day. He arrived on September 10 but I never forgot the complex feelings I had thinking there was a real possibility his birthday would be the 11th.

Baby Victor, born September 11, 2012 to a US Armed Forces veteran, showed me how hope and love overcome dark days, and that celebrating the promise of future generations is an appropriate way to honor those who sacrificed their lives to save others.

Victor’s newborn session was held on his one week birthday, and he was bright eyed when we started the session.

Every last detail of this gorgeous little boy was picture perfect.

At over 9lbs, he was so deliciously chubby!

I adore the sleepy newborn smiles. How can you look at this sweet face and not smile back?

Even though it took him a little while to settle, once he got into a deep sleep he was a dream. And just look at those adorable full cheeks!

Honoring those, like Victor’s daddy, who serve our country.