Micah {Oahu newborn photography}

Sweet baby Micah, ten days old. Sessions often begin with simple poses like this one that capture all the details parents try to memorize in those first days- kissable cheeks, button nose, barely there eyelashes, and soft wispy hair.

Micah was curious about the studio and woke up for a bit. He made amazing eye contact and I could tell he was taking in everything he saw.

For family portraits, he stayed calm and bright eyed.

Then he went back to sleep in dad’s loving arms. I can definitely see a strong resemblance here.

Many new mothers are a little hesitant to get in front of the camera postpartum, which I can relate to- a week after having your baby you’re still not feeling your best. I’m glad Nichole was happy to pose with her brand new baby boy, and trust that me to capture the beauty of the mother-child bond. And she’s positively glowing- I wish I looked half this good after having my kids!

And finally, all snuggled in a basket with more of those bitty baby details.

Micah, I’m looking forward to watching you grow- and seeing whether you stay a serious baby or develop your parents’ wonderful sense of humor!