Recent Sessions & News

Recent Sessions & News

Turning 1 is so much fun! ~ Kailua 1st birthday portraits

Miss M has a birthday coming up soon, so we celebrated in style!

Blue floral backdrop for baby girl portraits in KailuaShe took a bit to warm up and feel comfortable in studio, which is why sessions aren’t rushed- it can be normal for separation anxiety to set in around 9-11 months. We work on baby time and as hard as we try as parents to make sure our babies have eaten and napped so they’re ready, we understand babies do their own thing so breaks as needed are encouraged. It’s hard work being a model!

Natural light portraits on bed with crawling babyMy personal favorite images are nearly always on the bed. There’s a magical light that’s perfect for portraits, and babies seem perfectly at home crawling around on a bed. And they’re so proud when they pull to stand at the end!

Pink backdrop portraits in studio for baby girlAll dolled up and ready to party! M had some of the cutest dresses I’ve seen- love her mama’s style.

Baby girl celebrating 1st birthday with cakeWe wrapped up with a bit of cake- what’s a party without cake? Happy birthday, M!

Mr. Charming ~ Kailua studio baby portraits

Blue eyed baby portraits on bed

Check out those sweet baby blues! When I first met baby J, I knew he’d make a perfect baby model. Not only is he adorable, he’s a total charmer and knows how to work the camera. I loved all his expressions.

He had a lot of fun on the studio bed, racing from one end to the other to pull himself up proudly and flash me a grin with four tiny teeth.

Baby Boy in wooden bowl and wagon

To slow this racer down a bit, we set him in a bowl- and a little wagon. The wagon definitely held his interest- I think he wanted to see if he could make it go! Sorry little guy, this one doesn’t move.

Baby playing with sailboat photos

These sweet linen overalls are part of the studio wardrobe and I knew they’d match J’s eyes perfectly. There’s nothing like classic overalls and linen on little boys, and the boat was enough of a distraction to capture a few sweet frames. Thanks so much for coming to play, baby J! I loved having you.

Sweet vintage style baby portraits ~ Kailua studio baby session

Baby photographed on a bed

With the sweetest of curls and the longest of lashes, this beautiful baby girl brought charm and lots of fun to her session. Don’t let her poses fool you- this is one busy little lady!

Pretty in pink baby portraits

She was full of smiles and curiosity. This age is one of my absolute favorites- baby’s personality shines, and the chubby cheeks and gummy grins won’t last much longer.

Baby girl in vintage doll crib

Even though she was on the go, this new to me vintage crib provided a few moments of quiet containment before she figured out how to plot her escape.

If your baby is between 6-9 months, now is the perfect time to schedule! The studio closet has sweet vintage and classic modern clothing for babies of all ages, so all you need to bring is your baby and your diaper bag to create beautiful portraits.

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