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It’s time to celebrate- this handsome baby planner is turning one!
family portraits with toddler boy hawaiiThe whole family joined in for a portrait, and mom and dad both got to love on their little guy. Aren’t they all adorable together?

first birthday photography baby boy The seaside backdrop is new in the studio, and a lot of fun to get some ocean styled portraits without the hot sun and sticky sand. Vintage outfit is available for use for baby boys about 7-12 months, and Mr. D rocked it.

toddler_boy_portraits_hawaii Raise your hand if you’re happy to be one. Mr. D’s parents have great style and simple classic clothing always photographs well and shows off baby’s features and personality nicely.

cake smash birthday portraits in studio First birthday sessions are always a good time, especially when the cake is a hit. The rainbow layers of this cake were so pretty and apparently tasty too.

baby_bubble_bath_hawaii Cleanup is fast, easy and fun with a bubble bath! Splash splash and smile.

Wishing Mr. D and his family an amazing second year. It’s been a pleasure watching him grow and capturing these precious milestones.

Natural newborn portraits in studio in basket and on blanket
It may have been a gray day outside, but Miss A brought the sunshine! We captured so many sweet sleeping smiles during her studio newborn session. She has the best head of hair too!

Baby girl sleeping in little bed photos
A tiny bed fit for a little sleeping beauty- the doll bed really shows just how small newborns are. They grow so quickly that by about one month old, this bed won’t be big enough. Most newborns are photographed at about 6-12 days of age (or within 2 weeks hospital release for preemies/NICU babies) when they’re still small, sleepy and like to curl up into womblike poses.

Brand new family portraits with one week old baby
Family portraits are often my favorites- there’s nothing like celebrating the love and joy a new baby brings. These sweet moments with mom and dad are to be cherished. Often new moms aren’t feeling their best- pregnancy and delivery are physically demanding- and are sometimes reluctant to pose with baby, but I promise the results are always worth it. Each mama and baby I photograph is unique and special, and every single one is beautiful. Love and a soft smile are even more transformational than makeup. It was definitely an honor to meet and work with Miss A and her family.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing each of these gorgeous babies over the past year. They’re not quite triplets- the girls are cousins, born just a few weeks apart, and the handsome little fellow with them is their calabash cousin, a few months younger.


While I’ve worked with newborn triplets before, photographing three older babies together was a new challenge and they did so well! The girls recently turned one and wanted to explore but were happy to stay still together for a few moments.

While the goal was at least one good image of everyone together, we attempted two setups plus individual portraits. This photograph called for a slightly more vintage style than my usual editing, and I love how it turned out!